Organizer Boxes

The niche system for the worktop

mobile, flexibel, practical and organized

perfect as an accessory solution on the kitchen island

clean design 

coated with modern sepia brown metallic texture powder


to combine free and always adapted to the needs

4 different 1 to 3-row trays, angled shelf

different organizational elements

Type Art. No.
Tray 1-row short 55.420.13
Tray 1-row long 55.421.13
Tray 2-row 55.422.13
Tray 3-row 55.423.13
Angled shelf 55.424.13
Storage tray short 55.430.13
Storage tray long 55.431.13
Spice rack, stackable 55.432.13
Herb pot 55.433.13
Universal quiver 55.434.13
Kitchen roll holder 55.435.13
Knife block 55.436.13
Dishwashing accessories holder 55.437.15
Cooking spoon tray 55.438.13