Serving trolley one

shapely and simple serving trolley

made of aluminium/sheet steel
powder-coated black matt structured
2 or 3 levels
for the optional insertion of plate material

top tray removable

The hangers of the one counter system can be placed on the railing.


Hanger width 300 mm

Bottle/Cutting Board Rack
spice rack
kitchen roll holder
Shelf/tablet/cookbook holder

Storage tray (can only be hung on the side!)
suitable insert for charging cable


Hanger width 90 mm
Universal quiver
Knife block with special bristles

Hanger also suitable for niche system one, counter system one and hanger rail one.

Type Art. No.
Serving trolley 55.520.13
Bottle/Cutting Board Rack 55.512.13
Spice rack 55.513.13
Kitchen roll holder 55.514.13
Shelf/tablet/cookbook holder 55.515.13
Universal quiver 55.516.13
Knife block with special bristles 55.517.13